Delphi is one of the finest tourist attractions in our area, it’s home to the Museum of Delphi one of the most significant and largest museums in our country. Within the museum there are some of the most important exhibits of ancient Greek history, such as the famous sculptures, “the Charioteer of Delphi”, the “Sphinx” and the ‘Navel of the Earth’’ based of the Greek myth.

Galaxidi is a traditional destination known best for its picturesque scenery. Boats, old fashioned taverns, it’s a peaceful place from another era, remenicient of the golden age of Greek cinema, it blends together to create a ‘’summer in a Greek island’’ picture inland! It is worthy of a visit!

Sunny days and soft snow at the largest organized ski resort in the country, a destination of unspoilt natural beauty and a village with a lively, cosmopolitan vibe. When the most dazzling winter destination in Greece is comprised of the best ski resort in Greece and a stone-built village with a cosmopolitan ambience, then your trip is bound to be unique.

Amfissa is the capital of the county of Delphi. On the top of this traditional looking town lays its beautiful castle, known as the Castle of Amfissa. It is one of the most interesting and well preserved castles in our country. The town’s own architecture has traditional origins and influences, remenicient of the 1800’s.

Itea is a modern seaside city in the county of Delphi. Its main exports are agriculture and tourism and as such it combines perfectly the traditional and modern way of life. The city’s architecture is ideal for cycling enthusiasts! It is surrounded by coastline, which is fantastic for swimmers. The nearby town Kirra is closely tied to Itea and it is not far from the city. A relaxing walk or cycle away! It’s best known for its friendly locals and its hospitality towards tourists.