Galaxidi is a traditional destination known best for its picturesque scenery.

Spend time in the village

Boats, old fashioned taverns, it’s a peaceful place from another era, remenicient of the golden age of Greek cinema, it blends together to create a ‘’summer in a Greek island’’ picture inland! It is worthy of a visit!

Maritime Museum

Galaxidi has its own Maritime Museum, with significant exhibits displaying important facts and items of Greek maritime history. It well known for its magnificent collection of paintings, with a particular focus on Greek ships. Galaxidi was known in the past for its special bond with the sea and its mercantilism which was the foundation of its economy for centuries.

Carnival in Galaxidi

Galaxidi’s carnival, every February, is in a Pan-Hellenic-spectacle known for its ‘’aleuromoutzouromata’’ meaning the battle of the flour, where people throw colourful flour at each other to celebrate the rhythm of the carnival.  

Local recipes

Try out our local recipes! The local honey of Galaxidi is a must, but it’s also worth trying the local meat and fish dishes. Let the magic of another land enchant you!


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