Itea is a modern seaside city in the county of Delphi. Its main exports are agriculture and tourism and as such it combines perfectly the traditional and modern way of life. The city’s architecture is ideal for cycling enthusiasts! It is surrounded by coastline, which is fantastic for swimmers. The nearby town Kirra is closely tied to Itea and it is not far from the city. A relaxing walk or cycle away! It’s best known for its friendly locals and its hospitality towards tourists.

Carnival in the Port

One of the most significant events that you can experience in Itea is the ‘’Carnival in the Port’’, with its colourful parade of floats. It takes place every year in February in the waterfront of the town.

The Battle of Itea

Every September, there is a celebration of the Battle of Itea, where the British philhellenic officer Hastings supported the greek rebels against the Ottoman Empire during the Greek Rebellion in 1827. This was the first time in history that a steam-powered battleship had seen action. Therefore in remembrance, every year the town celebrates the event with tribute and music accompanied by the city’s philharmonic orchestra and the participation of the locals.


Itea has its own library with a nice collection of books and a children’s department for the younger audience. It is small and friendly and its worthy visiting, especially if you want to practice your greek! There is also a modern museum that you should visit. Itea is ideal if you are looking a quiet and calm destination.


Nearby beaches that are worth a visit include Trokadero (next to our Hotel), Agios Minas, Agios Vasileios, Maiami, and Ai Giannis.


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