Our rooms are incomparable, they offer a calm and romantic atmosphere and have everything you could ever need for a relaxing stay. With these rooms we promise unique personal moments in our delightful accommodation. Their elegant and modern design evokes a minimalistic feeling that electrifies our visitors. The light of the sun spreads all around the room creating a wonderful sensation of euphoria and vitality.

Our rooms promise the most magical of hospitality. The Idyllic scenery of Trokadero promises not only moments of tranquility but also –especially at sundown-, moments of unparalleled beauty! When the sky is decorated with such gorgeous colours, and reflected in the sea, the rooms glow with spectacular colours from the sky the sea combined.

Whatever your age there is always a memory to be made when you stay with us. Let our rooms and our famous hospitality help you to make those memories everlasting. These family rooms are a brilliant choice! They are designed to generate the feeling of home, without being at home. The rooms are spacious and create a cosy feeling for all the family.